Online Underwear Companies

Online shopping helps to avoid crowds and also saves time; hence, 96% of Americans prefer to shop online. 74% of these online shoppers are teenagers and young adults, which gives the young population a good representation in online shopping. Online underwear companies, like Mack Weldon, Tommy John, MeUndies and so on, therefore, focus on the young population to further the online popularity of their brands since these young ones hold the key to brand popularity due to their huge online population,

About 200 million Americans are active on Facebook on a daily basis, according to The Statistics Portal, and 140 million of them are between the ages of 13 and 44. Twitter and Instagram also have quite a population of young Americans. The online underwear companies have, therefore, taken their advertisement to social media and also developed youth-focused advertisement strategies to win over this huge number of young Americans on social media to further the popularity of their brands.

How has the social media and youth-focused advertisement strategies changed the prospects of these underwear companies? Continue reading to find out.

Incredible customer base

The statistics provided in the previous paragraph indicates how well the young ones are represented online. Any marketing strategy focused on them is, therefore, on its way to Eldorado in prosperity and brand popularity. Gone are the days when underwear industries had to depend on the conventional means of advertising; they have now taken to the internet since the young audience formerly addicted to radios and glued to TV sets now spend more time browsing the internet, especially the social media sites (i.e. Cam’s Underpants). This move has taken these companies beyond the limited past and placed them on the pinnacle of business prosperity.

Unending impression

Many brick and mortar companies do close to customers at night, but online underwear companies do not close; they are always on hand to display their wares to the ever-awake prospective customers online. Online advertisement strategies focused on the younger generation, many of whom are almost always online day and night, ensure the underwear are always brought to the notice of these young ones; this has increased sales of these companies tremendously.

Cost effectiveness advertising

Brick and mortar sales outlets require a lot of maintenance; the reverse is the case with online underwear companies; their wares can always be on display day and night at just a fraction of the cost for offline advertisement. As a result, these underwear companies have successfully cut down on the cost of advertisement and have also increased profit margin, with lower overhead cost contributing a good percentage to the new profit margin.

Other ways in which the internet has changed how underwear companies do business are highlighted below:

• No need to employ too many marketing staff members, thereby cutting cost
• Unlimited reach
• Relationship building with the prospective clients for improved brand popularity and acceptance
• Product personalization to meet specific expectations of the prospective customers
• Effective source of customer feedback.